unapologetically you

Be fearless, stand tall, & let's celebrate U!

«There are many layers to a man, and they are worthy to be celebrated with color. This is what McCray's are for me: the daily reminder that I can achieve anything and only the sky is the limit.»
Luis I Austin, TX 

Designed to empower

your wild creativity reflected in sock art
The search is over

The problem with so many socks is simple. They are boring. Designed to make you conform and to strangle your creative spirit. TAMMY MCCRAY art socks are crafted for men who are ready to tap into their wild creativity, while standing tall and being unapologetically themselves.

Creative. Confident. Bold.

The days of mediocrity and wanting to give up on your greatness are over! Celebrate who you truly are...not what anyone else says you need to be. With confidence, boldness, colors and art!
Creative membership

Become our Creative Member because Creative Members rule! SAVE 50% of the normal price + FREE Shipment. Receive Limited Edition art socks in your mailbox every two months. Submit your own design for our art socks, win the competition, get your own design produced and EARN royalties on sales of your design!

welcome to the world of tammy mccray

My name is Tammy McCray. I am a Fashion Inventor and the founder of Tammy McCray. We design handmade men silk ties and art dress socks.Our designs are made to empower men. We believe there are many dimensions to a man, and they are all worthy to be celebrated. Our designs are your license to be wildly creative and unapologetically yourself.

only your true creative self is real
Why am I so passionate

I have always been very creative and inventive. Pushing against what is considered normal and excepting my own unique style was not easy. Being told that I am not a designer and to do something else with my life was not easy either. Crazy right? That’s when I decided to step into my purpose of whom I have always been, and create men's fashion with the single purpose to inspire men.

Don't miss out on your first step to greatness

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