Q: I have an idea for a sock design, how do I submit?                        
A: You would have to become a Creative Member to submit your design.

Q: How do I become a Creative Member?                                            
A: Simply go to our Creative Membership Section, read carefully to make sure you understand. Follow instructions to sign-up. 

Q: Why are these socks fuzzy inside?                                                        
A: They are Jacquard Woven socks.

Q: What does Jacquard mean?
A: The pattern or print is woven directly into fabric.

Q: Will sock unravel on the inside?                                                             
A: No. The threads that are seen have been cut and tied off via knitting machine. They are intertwined together to give softness and comfort too the legs.

Q: What size sock should I order?                                                        
A: Sizes are as follows, M~Shoe Size 6 to 8.5,                                         
L~Shoe Size 9 to 12, XL~Shoe Size 12.5 to 15.5

Q: How do I care for my socks?                                                            
A: Machine Wash Max Temperature 30C / 85F. DO NOT BLEACH, IRON, DRY CLEAN, OR TUMBLE DRY.